Principle Beliefs and Convictions


Formation of the Order
Principle Beliefs and Convictions
Rituals and Tradition
The Three day Fasting
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Different stages of spiritual advancement

    According to A.H. beliefs there are four distinct stages in religious education and advancement. The first is called Shari’at (The holy writ, in which the religious laws and rituals are defined). This stage is considered the exoteric aspect of religion and embodies the outer actions of human beings. After completion of this stage one arrives at the second stage called Tariqat (the Path). The third stage is called Marefat (gnosis, knowledge of spiritual realities). The fourth and final stage is called Haqiqat (The ultimate Truth). The last three stages combined form the esoteric aspect of religion encompassing not only the outward actions but also the inward thoughts and intentions. The followers of A.H. believe that previous men of God have defined all stages of religion except Haqiqat and Soltan Sohak has taken upon himself to lay down the principles of this final and ultimate stage. According to A.H. successful completion of this stage is the ultimate prerequisite of a human being to reach permanent proximity of the Creator.

    The title of the Order, Ahl-e Haq, “meaning people of the truth” implies that they consider themselves to have already passed the previous stages and are now at the final stage. As such they have been made to believe that they are no longer required to observe some of the rules of Shari’at.


Manifestation of God in human form

    Based on one of the basic beliefs of A.H. God has appeared in human form at different times since the beginning of creation. This concept is called (mazhariat). In fact they are of the opinion that the creation itself occurred during the first of such manifestations called Khavandgar, the Creator. They further believe that Soltan Sohak was one such manifestation whose main contribution was the establishment of the Ultimate Truth (Haqiqat) , the final stage of religious advancement.


Spiritual Perfection and metempsychosis

    Based on A.H. beliefs the ultimate goal of each human being is to reach God’s proximity. It is obvious, however, that such a tremendous task can not be accomplished in just one lifetime. In His mercy, therefore, God has allotted each soul one thousand lives to achieve the ultimate goal. In His justice, however, this limit is the same for all souls and can not be extended, although it is possible, and certainly beneficial, to reach the task in less than a thousand lives.


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