Formation of the Order
Principle Beliefs and Convictions
Rituals and Tradition
The Three day Fasting
Other Traditions


The following books have been reviewed for preparation of this site:

Kurds and their historical/racial interrelation. By: Rashid Yasemi

The thesis on secrets of Yarestan. By: Ghasem Afzali Shahebrahimi

Ahl-e Haqq texts and poetry. By: W. Ivanow

Principles of Yari. By: Kazem Niknejad

Proof of the Truth. By: Nour Ali Elahi

What do Ahl-e Haqq say? By: Morteza Valaie

Encyclopedia of Shiesm.

The initiated (Sarsepordegan). By: Mohammad Ali Khajehnoori

The review of Haftavaneh. By: Sadigh Safizadeh

Knowing the followers of Ali’s Love. By: Dawood Movahed Bashiri

Book of Kings of the Truth. By: Haj Nematollah Jayhoonabadi- Mokri

Encyclopedia Iranica

The glorious Epic of Ahl-e Haqq

Note: All books except the Encyclopedia are in Persian language.


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