Formation of the Order


Formation of the Order
Principle Beliefs and Convictions
Rituals and Tradition
The Three day Fasting
Other Traditions


As mentioned earlier the Order is generally believed to have been formed by Soltan Sohak at the beginning of the sixteenth century. It is a firm belief of all adepts that Soltan Sohak is a manifestation of God in human garment (a concept which is the object of further explanation in this paper). Thus it is not at all surprising that his birth is described in form of an extraordinary mystical legend in Kalams a summary of which is described below.

Three individuals with high spiritual ranks (believed to be incarnations of the Haftans ), namely Benyamin (Jebra’il), Dawood (Mika’il) and Pir Musi (Esrafil) from far away parts of the world suddenly find themselves at a spring on Shahu mountain of Huraman district in western Iran near the present Iraqi border and recognized each other from their previous incarnations. According to a spiritual mission they had received they proceed to the house of Skeikh Issi who was a famous man in his religion and encourage him to marry Hossain Bag’s daughter although he was, at the time, some hundred years older than she was. The three individuals then meet with Hossain Bag and ask him to give his blessing for the marriage. The father, not to annoy the men, sets some seemingly impossible conditions. Once the conditions were readily met, he realizes the spiritual nature of the proposition, revokes the request and gives his consent for his daughter’s marriage. Some times after the ceremony, although there was no sign of pregnancy a falcon flying overhead takes the figure of a new born baby boy and sits on the lap of the bride. The child was named Sohak or Eshaq. Subsequently he was referred to with the title of Soltan, meaning The (spiritual) King, as he was believed to be manifestation of God in human garment, Soltan Sohak settled on the banks of the Sirawan River and established the A.H. Order. One of the main events in the history of the Order is his declaration of a covenant named Bayabas-e Perdivari which is believed by A.H. to be the renewal of the original pact between the Creator and human beings at the beginning of creation. Many disciples gradually gathered around Soltan Sohak and benefited from his divine revelations. The fundamental principles and most of the Order’s dogma and theology were set out during this period. Many of the writers are, however, of the opinion that some of these principles were gradually distorted from their original version and have, therefore, lost their authenticity. After he passed away some of his disciples traveled to India, Iraq, Turkey etc. and promoted the Order and continued the legacy. Soltan Sohak passed away in the village of Sheikhan where his simple tomb is still the most prominent place of pilgrimage for the ever-increasing followers.


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