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Formation of the Order
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The Three day Fasting
Other Traditions


A.H. attach tremendous importance to assemblies (djam) in which “all difficulties find their solutions”. The life of the community is eminently collective and assemblies are held at fixed intervals and in connection with all important events. Kalams are recited at them to accompaniment of music.

On solemn occasions sessions of (dhikr) are held. specially qualified darwishes to the sounds of music enter into a state of ecstasy, accompanied by anaesthesia, which enables them to walk over burning coals, to handle them, etc.

The indispensable features of these assemblies are the offerings and the sacrifices: (nadhr wa niyaz )

All A.H. males let their moustache grow and will never cut it during their life time. The dogma requires that the moustache should be sealed (Shareb-e mohr)


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